JL Thompson Construction crew setting pilings with their vibrating hammer.  Rock augers are also onboard when coquina is encountered. We can switch back and forth from vibrating pilings into position to drilling rock in about 15 mins!

These techniques and equipment allow JL Thompson Construction to set pilings in deep water through materials jet wands cannot penetrate. In addition, the size of pile we use go up to 12″ butt/35′  and depth of penetration minus 10′-12′.

PILE SETTING THEORY 101:  Your entire marine construction project is usually suspended above the water and attached to wood piles. This fact makes those piles the foundation for everything else and the most important part of your dock. Therefore, installing these pilings correctly is crucial!  Having an 8″ to 9″ butt pile with 8′-10′ penetration into the river bottom are minimum INDUSTRY standards to survive the wave action generated by tropical storms and hurricanes. This size piling weighs between 4 and 5 hundred pounds and cannot be installed without cranes and other heavy equipment.  (So, a few guys showing up with their hammers and some sun block may not be a good choice.) Remember this, when you choose a company to build your dock, it makes no difference their experience or carpentry skills.  IF they do not/ or can not install the piles correctly, the money you are spending may just be wasted.  THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR DOCK REQUIRES THIS!!!