Marine Construction

We often have to drill rock in order to make sure the pilings are installed properly in different marine construction settings.  Typically, we drill 5-6′ into the sub-strata ledge rock to make sure all docks will survive any type of weather, no matter how rough the conditions become.

Our auger is called a “rock bullet”. We purchased it from a company that supply’s all the utility companies in New England. These drills are made to drill solid granite without a problem. So, our soft coquina rock down here is quick and easy.

JL Thompson Construction looks forward to working with and answering any questions you may have. The services we provide as a company can always be relied upon to deliver professional and functional builds.  Our high standards allow us to offer you the quality you expect and the service you deserve. Commercial contractors, architects, and homeowners have come to rely upon our honesty and dependability.


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Marine Construction Services

JL Thompson Construction is your full-service marine contractor for all your marine construction projects in Brevard County, FL specializing in building docks, marinas, and sea walls for residential or commercial properties. We construct high-quality piers and docks and some of our other services include installing mooring poles, mooring balls, and boat lifts.

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  • Marinas 
  • Rock Drilling 
  • Repairs & Additions 
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